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BAMCEF is humanity based organization having undiminishing faith in morality, truth (our nation’s as well as our organization’s guiding factor – Satyamev Jayate), other moral values as stated in our constitution/preamble and showed by our great men throughout history.

In our body, diseases are cured by medicines and exercise. Similarly, our life’s sorrows and disappointments are cured by parents, great men teachings, adoption/uses in routine.

The mission of BAMCEF is to foresee each and every citizen happy, free to make progress by his/her ability. BAMCEF believes that best practices of serving humanity should be part of our routine. Happiness can be ensured in life by sensing feelings of compassion and love towards others, just like we have selfless feelings for our family members.

Indian Constitution Architect; Dr. B R Ambedkar’s legacy is one of the hopes for a prosperous, exploitation free, casteless society as we were in ancient India (Sindhu Ghati civilisation). There all citizens were well mannered, civilised, technically sound, and truth abiding people. As a country we are well endowed with natural resources, discoveries. Human rights for all oppressed human beings, castes and women can be ensured and more happiness can be poured in each family with the BAMCEF society mission we own.

BAMCEF’s committed cadres believe if in five years central and state government work honestly for state socialism it will be a drive for economic and moral development for everyone.

-Agriculture sector where large sections have been working on marginal income; farmers and artisans are bound to stagnating traditional occupational factors. If 12 months water can be made available to them, they can be prosperous and secure. By digital media the new aspirations have born amongst them, yearning for prosperity as a whole that they could never share before.

-Time to teach our youth for bold aspirations and readiness to defy the hollow traditions that had kept them below standards to others in the world. Constitution Article 13 indicates clearly indicates for not adopting all laws, customs before the commencement of our constitution which have been proved derogative to the fundamental rights.

-In the present era of google, social media and much other world-wide knowledge sharing platforms there no space for casteism, racism, poverty and gender inequality.

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The objective of our leaders was to uproot caste dividing units – the spirit of inequality and to establish and preserve a new social system based on humanity and the principles of Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Justice.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was not interested in the changes in the existing social system but they wanted to change the system itself and preserve human dignity of the individual. ‘Self-Help and Self-Respect’ was the slogan of their movement. The change of social system is the long term objective of BAMCEF.

The short term view of BAMCEF is to undertake the work and initiate a few development programmes like personality development, de-addiction from alcohol, health care programs, and co-operative movements, establish libraries and other programs in all villages and wards. Another long term view is to add more moral values in syllabus of middle, secondary and higher education in country to raise the social level as a whole.

• Primary Membership –

Another long term view is to add more moral values in syllabus of middle, secondary and higher education in country to raise the social level as a whole.

• Limitations –

As an organization of the educated employees, whether government or non-government; the workers, office bearers and members of BAMCEF, cannot take part in the in the activities of any political party. It is for this reason BAMCEF is Non-Political, Non-Agitational and Non-Religious. The polarization of 6000 divided castes is possible by BAMCEF initiative and as a mission to establish the same.

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