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 BAMCEF is an organization of educated employees of oppressed and exploited communities amongst Indian society. Its full form is "The All India Backward (SC/ST/OBC) and Minority Communities Employees Federation" (Regd.). The Registration number is S-17809. The term backward has got its significance as mentioned in the Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution divides the oppressed and exploited indian society into three main categories on the basis of the nature of their backwardness i.e. (1) The Scheduled Castes (2) The Scheduled Tribes and (3) The Other Backward Classes which have specifically been enumerated by the commission headed by Kaka Sahib Kalelker and finally by B.P. Mandal during 1953-55 and 1977-80 respectively. It is a known fact that religious minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists etc. converted from the oppressed and exploitation as do the people of their earlier faith. Thus they are also included under the basic meaning of the term 'Minority Communities'. The term 'Employees' included all such educated employees belonging to these communities working with central, State or Local self governments or self-employed but gainfully in their own individual professions.

Mr. Sulekh Chand


Up Coming Events

CEC Meeting will be held on 24, 25 May 2014 Saturday & Sunday at Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh).